Dating Girls – Proven Techniques To Get Girls

Playing the game of seduction is interesting when searching and sizing up girls you would like to date or hook-up with, something strange happens and it’s hard to explain. This phenomenon happens to thousands of men while playing the game.

You decide to go to a bar with some friends and a girl catches your eye, you look at here trying to make a connection with her, you smile she smiles and no playful gestures are returned. Is she playing hard to get, her friends seem friendly, attentive and flirty.

Get Girls Dilemma

There is a reason why the girl doesn’t seem that interested in you even though you are interested in her. It doesn’t mean you are not her type; it has nothing to do with this. It is her psychology and social standings among her friends. The girl you are interested in has her sense of worth increased by her ego when she is with her friends, just for the reason of making her the one you want.

She knows this because she feels it and her level of importance is elevated. If she starts to flirt or be playful with you her sense of worth will decrease among her friends. Therefore, she acts as if she is out of your league by acting like she is too good for you.

Attract Girls Using Deflection Technique

The difficulty of getting girls can be handled by using a method called the deflection technique. When approaching a girl that you are interested in you will use reverse psychology by deflecting your interest onto the girl’s friends. The reason for this is that her friends have a self worth that is lower than the girl you are targeting and by placing interest on her friends will begin to challenge her ego. Since the ego is engaged the girl you are after will need to regain superiority with her group of friends. She will then start to take an interest in you by flirting and she will do this subconsciously. As the old saying goes, you always want what you can’t have. กลุมลับ

Effectively Using the Deflection Technique

The first set of rules when applying the deflection technique when you want to get girls.

1. Make eye contact with the girl’s friends while talking with them. When having a conversation with the target girl, gaze over at her friends and smile then return you gaze back to the target girl.

2. When telling a joke or making her friends laugh, touch their arm or shoulder for a second. Do this a couple of times while they are laughing.

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